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We provide businesses of all sizes with reliable, secure IT solutions. Offering services such as threat modeling, application security, network security, and incident management. We protect businesses from the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape. Feel secure knowing your data is safe and secure.

We would love to
hear from you!

    We would love to
    hear from you!


      Service Expertise

      Protect against breaches and stay a few steps ahead of the threat actors.

      Threat Modeling Analysis

      Threat modeling consists of breaking down each component of an asset. Unlock the power and knowledge of the weak points of your assets before threat actors get a chance

      Breach Attack Simulation

      Test your security posture and your security controls with continuous and instant feedback. Run comprehensive attacks and various testing scenarios

      Consulting Service

      Let us place a highly specialized consultant into your security team to aid you in your development of tightening your security controls.

      About Us

      Cypress Cyber Consulting is proud to be a certified Minority Business Enterprise

      Our consultants hold prestigious industry certifications such as the PMP,
      CISSP, CEH, and more to make sure they are qualified for our clients.

      Test your cyber posture!

      Are you ready to face unknown challenges?

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      Protect against breaches and stay a few steps ahead of the threat actors.

      Threat Modeling Analysis

      Identify the most serious threats and prioritize their response to those threats in each asset or security control.

      Cybersecurity Assessments

      We offer comprehensive assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities in your network, applications, and systems.

      Compliance Services

      We provide compliance services to ensure that your organization meets industry-specific regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and GDPR.

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